DIAMOND Europe Driver Updates

Win 95 and Win 3.1x Drivers for all Boards of SPEA V7-VEGA Series


vplw95_2.exe (472 kB) SPEA V7-VEGA PLUS: Drivers for Win 95. Rel.1195. SFX file. Type "A:\README".
vpl02952.exe (932 kB) SPEA V7-VEGA PLUS, Disk "Drivers for Windows 3,x" rel.0295.7. Incl. Windows 3.x drivers v1.50f/2.0 (=rel.1094.6, not changed!) & SPEAenergy v1.47. SFX file.


vevw95_4.exe (237 kB) For V7-VEGA VIDEO: Avance Logic's Drivers v1.02.004 for Windows 95. Rel.0197. SFX file. With DirectX 2 support.
xmp312p.exe (1,1 MB) For VEGA VIDEO only: Xing MPEG Player Update/Patch v3.12p. Win 95 SFX file.
xmp11p.exe (360 kB) XingPlayer 1.1p Update (to update only!). SFX file. Note created README.
vevwin_3.exe (1,0 MB) For V7-VEGA VIDEO: Drivers for Windows 3.1x. Rel.0995.3. SFX file.
vev12951.exe (379 kB) For SPEA V7-VEGA VIDEO: Disk 'Utilities, MCI drivers' disk 1/2. Rel.1295. SFX file. Call README.BAT.
vev12952.exe (1,3 MB) For SPEA V7-VEGA VIDEO: Disk 'Utilities, MCI drivers' disk 2/2. Rel.1295. SFX file.


vprw95_2.exe (497 kB) V7-VEGA PRO: Win 95 drivers v4.03.00.2100, rel.0197. SFX file. Note created README. Drivers support DirectX 2.
vpr05951.exe (982 kB) SPEA V7-VEGA PRO Superdisk rel.0595.5, disk 1/2: "Utilities, Drivers for Windows 3.x, SPEAenergy v1.49". SFX file".

V7-VEGA (not xx PLUS or xx PRO or xx VIDEO!):

wincl143.exe (626 kB) V7-VEGA: CL Windows 3.1x Driver v1.43, rel.0894.4 (incl.V7SETUP v1.5, SPEAdometer v1.00). SFX file: Extract to floppy "WINCL143 A:". Type A:\INSTALL! Win 95: V7-VEGA: Use CL 542x drivers that are delivered with Windows 95!