DIAMOND Europe Driver Updates

Utilities & Tools for SPEA V7-STORM PRO

w95moni2.exe (34 kB) SPEA Monitor Files v1.1 (SPEAMON.INF) for Win 95, rel.1195.2. SFX file. To install note README.
dpms152.exe (97 kB) SPEAenergy v1.52 (rel.0795) for SPEA V7-Series excl.V7-MIRAGE. SPEA software for the VESA DPMS standard (display power management signaling). To use SPEAenergy fully you require a modern, DPMS-compatible monitor. SFX file. Call README.BAT.
p91vesa.com (7 kB) For V7-STORM PRO only: TSR program with VESA modes (games, DOS apps,..), v1.42 (rel.1094). Insert program call in your AUTOEXEC.BAT. Not packed file!
uvbe50.exe (410 kB) UniVBE/Pro 5.0. TSR program for VESA emulation by SciTech software Inc. Shareware, note created LICENC.doc. SFX file.