DIAMOND Europe Driver Updates

Drivers & Tools for: Stealth PRO

Drivers for Win 3.1x, Others:

stlp30.exe (894 kB) STEALTH PRO: Win 3.1 Drivers v3.00. Note README.doc.
stprob.exe (849 kB) STEALTH PRO: Win 3.1x BETA Drivers v3.02e. Note STPROB.txt.
stprob.txt (3 kB) STEALTH PRO: Info for Win 3.1x BETA Drivers v3.02e.

Drivers for AutoCAD:

stpa102.exe (235 kB) STEALTH PRO: Disk "AutoCAD Drivers" v1.02B deluxe. SFX file. Note README.ME.


stlpro.exe (310 kB) STEALTH PRO: Disk "Install/Utilities/DOS/CAD" v2.02. SFX file. Note README.doc.
s3vbe302.zip (12 kB) For boards with S3 chip set only: S3's Universal VESA 2.0 drivers v3.02. rel.0496. Supports: S3 928 chipsets. It should work with newer S3 chipsets, too.